George Barringer
Barringer Was an Icon of Early American Championship Auto Racing
Indianapolis 500 Years: 1934-1946
 1927 page two
   A photo after George had taken the car back home to his father's shop and cleaned it up. After spending a day getting it all cleaned, he would spend another two-three days preparing it for the next race.
   Racing was a full-time occupation if you did it right and hoped to win.

   George at the Wichita Falls track, readying for a photo shoot for the local newspaper.
   Note the lady inside the cockpit of the car.
   In 1927, George Barringer was a single, handsome man who was very popular with the ladies.
   Also notice the young boys crowded around. He always had time to talk with fans, especially the kids.
   Off the track, he was always in relaxed mood, and never in a hurry. On the track, he wanted to start on the first row, get out front, and lead as much as he could. 
   While he liked to drive fast, he refused to drive careless. In all his racing career, he never had an accident due to driver error.
   One day an announcer gave him the tag, "The Steady Charger From Texas." When he moved to the Midwest, promoters started calling him "Tex", and not George in the track programs.
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