George Barringer
Barringer Was an Icon of Early American Championship Auto Racing
Indianapolis 500 Years: 1934-1946
For some of us living in the 21st Century, it might be hard to imagine Texas and other western states as having been big into racing in the 1920s.

While most of the tracks were associated with county fairs, there were at least nineteen tracks within the State of Texas.

Other Major Texas Tracks
West Texas Fiargrounds, a five-eigths mile track in Abilene: (1925-1931).
Amarillo Fairgrounds, a five-eighths mile former horse racing facility: (1926-1931).
Arlington Raceway, located between Dallas and Ft. Worth.
Austin Speedway: (1925-1939).
Breckinridge, a half-mile track: (1925-1927).
Childress County Fairgrounds; half-mile track: (1913-1926).
Dragon Speedway, San Antonio: (1930-1941).
Dallas: several tracks  dating from the middle 1920s.
Gulf Coast Speedway, in Houston opened in 1923.
Waco Fairgrounds: (1926-1936).
In addition to these, there were tracks located in:
San Angelo,
Mineral Wells,
and Victoria.