George Barringer
One Of America's Great Early Racers, Both On And Off The Track
The following article appeared in the Wichita Falls Daily Times, May 30, 1946
   The fact that the automobile races are being held in Indianapolis today brings to  mind a lot of local history that not many Wichitans know, and which might have put this city on the automobile-racing map in a handsome way.
   In 1923, or thereabouts, a man came here and set about to interest a group of Wichitans in the building of an automobile race track here, with the idea of making this city a rival of Indianapolis in that amusement field.  He comtemplated an initial investment of $500,000 of which he wanted Wichita Falls to subscribe to half, under a plan that if all went well, would have eventually meant a $1,500,000 track here.
Inquiry disclosed that he was well able to carry out his part of the bargain. The Wichitans whom he contacted told him  this city would go along with him. The site of the track was tentatively chosen. Then the promoter left, saying he would return in a few weeks to get things going.
 He was killed in a train wreck a few days later, and the race track project died with him.

Indianapolis 500 Years: 1934-1946