George Barringer
Barringer Was an Icon of Early American Championship Auto Racing
Indianapolis 500 Years: 1934-1946
Atlanta-September 2, 1946
Barringer No. 7
  at the start

Barringer in the No. 7 Tulsa Wolfe car prior to qualifying. The lake is in the background, and he has a cigarette in his left hand.
The 100 Mile AAA Sanctioned National Auto Race Was Held at Atanta's Lakewood Speedway
The 11 drivers that started the race: No. 24-Ted Horn, 17-Billy Devore, Duke Dinsmore, 44-Eamil Andress, 7-George Barringer, 38-George Connors, 28-Steve Truchan, 55-Joe Langley, 12-Rex Mays, 16-George Robson, 37-Buddy Bardowski
Rex Mays
George Barringer
George Connor
       No. 38
Barringer No. 7 being passed by Ted Horn No. 24 in the Atlanta race